About PRN

PRN Ambulance is dedicated to providing excellent patient care in all that we do. We deliver unparalleled customer service for the patient, their family members, and the staffs of the facilities we serve. We achieve this by pairing the latest mobile technology with innovative solutions, and by building a team of highly skilled and thoroughly trained ambulance professionals. You can always count on PRN Ambulance to be there when you need us.

We go beyond ambulance transport to identify focus areas where our partnership can alleviate business stresses, saving our health systems time and money. Our world class standards of care, leading edge training and commitment to be a caring organization create an environment that empowers our employees to deliver exceptional care to our patients, their families, and our healthcare provider customers.

Today, PRN Ambulance operates alongside sister company ProTransport-1 of Northern California.

Headquartered in Sonoma County, California, Covalent Health is a leading provider of medical transportation solutions in the U.S. We employ dynamic technologies and a customized  patient-centric approach, delivering improved patient outcomes and efficiency gains for some of the largest and most prestigious health systems in the U.S.

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