Employees who C.A.R.E.: Recent commendations for PRN Ambulance crew members

Employees who C.A.R.E.: Recent commendations for PRN Ambulance crew members

PRN Ambulance crew members follow the tenets of C.A.R.E.:

Compassion – A feeling of sympathy for one who is suffering in regard to patients, co-workers, facilities’ staff and others.

Attitude – Positive, can-do, enthusiastic approach to interaction, communication and contact.

Responsibility – Being accountable to patients, the company, job duties, co-workers and facilities.

Excellence – Providing superior care to patients by going above and beyond duties consistently and continuously.

If a patient, or a coworker, feels that one of our employees has shown exceptional performance, assistance, or has simply gone above and beyond during the course of their normal duties, they’ll send in a ‘C.A.R.E. Gram’ to acknowledge them. Below are some recent commendations our crews have received!

Today a patient called in to say the crew that transported him home was awesome. The driver Lani took the route that he asked them to take - due to his injuries, bumpy roads were very painful. The attendant, Alex, was very comforting and compassionate in the back of the ambulance with him. The patient said that he would like our company to do all of his future transports because they did such an amazing job. If you see these crew members please thank them for a job well done.


I wanted to tell this crew a job well done and a big thank you for doing a transport today. They transported my best friend’s aunt (I consider her my aunt as well). My best friend contacted me and told me that the crew did a wonderful and caring job during the transport, and he wanted to see if they can be thanked on his behalf.


On Friday, crew members Alex Newton and Abel Zavalza transported a patient. Today, her son called in to let everyone know that our crew did an amazing job at making his mother feel comfortable and that they were satisfied with the transport PRN provided. The patient’s son noted that they were especially quick and efficient in spite of the delays the crew faced at the hospital. He wanted to let us know that the crew was wonderful.


A patient’s son called in to give a big compliment to Adam and Andres for their transport of his mother. He was so very impressed with how professional they were. His mother had a fractured pelvis and they moved her very carefully and made her feel very comfortable the whole time. The patient’s son is a retired paramedic himself and was very happy and impressed with this crew. He said they deserve the compliment and a high five. They did a really great job.


I received a call from a patient we transported. The patient had suffered multiple spinal cord injuries and was in a lot of pain. He stated that both crews that came to pick him up did an amazing job moving and transporting him. He said the crews used a bariatric gurney to transport him and it made a huge difference. If we see these crew members around please thank them for a job well done.


We received a call for an ASAP request. The only unit we had available was Unit 89 but the call would hold over their 2 hour mark. I had Miguel ask them if they would be willing to help us out and run the call. The crew agreed to help us out. If you see this crew please give them a big thank you!


A patient’s family member wanted to commend both EMTs who assisted on his transport. The caller stated he is the patient’s son, he has been a paramedic for 43 years and really appreciated our crew for being so pleasant, professional and likeable.


We had a high profile VIP transport out of LAX. We needed to send two crews to run this call, one being a CCT crew to do the transport, and the other just to help transport team members. The crew had originally asked if they would be returning the flight team after the call, but this call took a long time to run. The call started at 1530 and the crew’s off time was 2030. At 1944 I asked the crew if they would still be willing to do the return trip of the team. Unit 95 quickly got back to me and said, “that it wasn’t a problem and they would take the team back.” If you see either of these crew members around please thank them for going the “extra miles” to help us out.