Unique transport exemplifies PRN’s compassion and capabilities

Unique transport exemplifies PRN’s compassion and capabilities

Exhibiting the compassionate care and unmatched customer service that is the trademark of PRN Ambulance, a diverse team of PRN professionals recently banded together to successfully transport a uniquely sensitive patient. From start to finish, the event exemplified PRN’s ability to couple comprehensive transport coordination with efficient patient care on short notice.

Fielding a wide range of transport requests is nothing new to PRN. As the leading interfacility transport specialist in Los Angeles, PRN knows that transport requests vary from the routine Basic Life Support trip scheduled well in advance to the same-day request to transport a high-acuity patient. In this case, the transport request was communicated directly to PRN Critical Care Manager Ian Wilson by the hospital’s director of case management during an in-person meeting, a sure sign of the transport’s critical nature.

“We setup the call to be assigned to a hand-picked team of a CCT RN, EMTs and a station manager,” Wilson said. “This was a wait-and-return call for a lengthy procedure, and the patient required IV morphine to be administered every 5-to-10 minutes.”

The 38-year-old patient’s undiagnosed condition required intensive pain control, gentle handling and an extremely cool environment. The PRN team spent nearly six hours attending to the female patient’s care requirements at two hospital locations as well as on the ambulance – not the easiest space in which to keep an ultra-sensitive patient comfortable.

“I was able to meet the patient and her husband personally, and to obtain a quick overview of what special care the patient would need during the transport,” added Wilson. “Our team was able to successfully manage the patient’s difficult needs and keep her comfortable for the entire call.”

Afterward, PRN received high praise from the patient, her family, and the healthcare facilities. The remarkable team effort to coordinate resources on an extraordinarily difficult call did not go unnoticed throughout PRN or by those involved in the patient’s care at each hospital. Special thanks for their efforts go to the following PRN team members:

  • RN Christine Lo
  • EMT Tiffanie Chu
  • EMT Alan Wong
  • Station Manager Arin Aghakhanian
  • Utilization Supervisor Dmitriy Polishchuk
  • Communications Supervisor Tony Balyan
  • Communications Manager Christine Miyahara
  • Account Executive Bob Buslik
  • Executive Vice President Paul Scarborough