ComCenter promotions, tech upgrades and tacos at PRN

ComCenter promotions, tech upgrades and tacos at PRN

Every day at PRN Ambulance features activity all over the company’s operational footprint as team members do the hard work that makes the company tic. Since you can’t be everywhere at once, or experience all the latest PRN happenings yourself, here’s a quick rundown of some recent items of interest.

ComCenter Promotions
Dmitriy Polishchuk earned a well-earned promotion to Utilization Supervisor within the ComCenter. After joining the PRN team in 2012 as a Call Taker, Dmitriy quickly moved up the ranks to the Communications Training Officer position.

Meanwhile, the ComCenter team is changing its shape in another way, naming three experienced professionals to Dispatch Training Officer roles. As DTOs, Alicia Mendoza, Jose Diaz Cruz and Sarkis Armenian will ensure that PRN continues to provide the best customer service and communicate efficiently with crews from its ComCenter.

Physio-Control LifePak® 12 Monitors Acquired for Ambulances
PRN has acquired a number of Physio-Control LIFEPAK® 12 defibrillator/monitors for use on its ALS and CCT ambulances. This order will supplement the company’s existing cache of defibrillator/monitors and sustain a growing collection of ALS and CCT ambulances as PRN expands into Orange County. The LIFEPAK® 12 will be deployed at the Glendale and Lancaster stations within the coming weeks. In the near future, PRN will begin replacing its existing defibrillator/monitors with new hardware at all stations.

In addition to an advanced ECG algorithm, the LIFEPAK 12® features a display more than twice the size of our current monitors. It has built-in pulse oximetry, waveform capnography, automatic non-invasive blood pressure measurement, and the ability to simultaneously view up to three user-selectable waveforms (ECG leads, sPO2, or ETCO2). The LIFEPAK 12® also offers increased run time and reliability in the field due to battery improvements.

East Los Angeles Taco Fiesta!
Crew members and their families enjoyed a two-day taco fiesta at the company’s East Los Angeles station last weekend. After recently having BBQs at PRN headquarters in North Hills, it was time to take the party on the road. More than 200 carne, chicken and shrimp tacos were enjoyed and a enjoyable time was had by all. Another station feast is coming soon, so keep your eyes peeled for details.

More Ford Transit Ambulances Are En Route
Take a look below at some more new PRN ambulances being prepped for delivery by Leader Ambulance. Who else is excited to get those things rolling?!

Ford Transit 2